To stay competitive organizations need to reassess the way they are structured, function and build relationships with customers.


By developing your levels of empathy towards clients you will be able to develop new creative and innovative solutions for them. This is the essence of Design Thinking, a human-centric set of tools, mindsets and skills that is widely used in corporates, public and non-for-profit organisations. 


As a senior Design Thinking facilitator and trainer I empower you to learn and apply Design Thinking in your working environment by:

  • providing you with simple and efficient tools to develop empathy towards customers
  • inspiring you with fun and engaging mindsetters (exercises that foster specific mindsets)
  • unlocking the creative potential in yourself and others to embrace "Blue Flamingo Sky Thinking"

The Blue Flamingo feeds your team and your organisation to apply the Design Thinking mindsets,

by unlocking their empathy, agility and creativity for more business impact.


Closing the ‘reality gap’ between organisations and people (employees and customers alike) should be the number one priority of any innovative company. People centered approaches like Design Thinking, Social Design and Service Design have emerged because they provide us with useful and holistic methods and tools to bridge the gap.


Ideally nobody will talk about Design Thinking anymore,

because it is part of what we do, it is part of our DNA.


As a senior trainer and facilitator on Design Thinking I can support you, your team and/or your organisation by:

  • Delivering a highly interactive training on the Design Thinking methodology, mindsets and skills;
  • Facilitating a creative brainstorm or ideation sessions to generate real "out of the box" new concepts that your customers will love;
  • Empowering your team to unleash their innate creative power with a Creativity Work-Out filled with fun, playful and inspiring exercises (derived from improvisational theatre)


I believe in Learning by Doing which is reflected in the experiential workshops I facilitate by:

  • high levels of participant engagement
  • a contagious positive energy
  • an open non judgmental mindsets where all perspectives are respected and heard