Co-Active Coaching

The proven framework for transformative conversations at work and in life


  • I want to develop my emotional intelligence skills.
  • I want to live a (more) fulfilling life.
  • I want to discover my true self, my life purpose, my values, my inner leader.
  • I want to move forward, to develop myself and focus on the things that are important to me.


If you were triggered by any of these statements, coaching might help you in your growth.


As a coach, I will bring in my entire true self to support you in your learning journey to grow, connect to your true self and live a more fulfilled life.


As a coach, I will NOT give you advise, recommendations, share my expertise and provide you with answers to your questions.

As a wildly curious and empathetic coach, I will ask you enlightening, exploratory, sometimes provocative questions to empower you to find insights, answers and solutions in yourself. 


Also, I will NOT be the person who will listen in silence to you sharing all your struggles, complaining about your life or work, and telling me stories.

What I will do is listen to your entire being. When needed I will interrupt you to dig deeper, to create focus and move forward together with you.


We will NOT sit still during our conversations. Neither in the literal sense nor in the figurative sense of the word.

During our sessions, I might invite you to stand up, to use the space around us to explore, experience and shift the perspectives you are taking on specific topics.

Also, I will choose tools, structures and processes to enable you to take charge, move forward and commit to development goals I will hold you accountable for.


I will coach in line with the Co-Active Coaching model depicted below.

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