As a child I was sleeping on the floor…..because my bed was full with my “sick” stuffed animals. During the day I was fixing the broken flipper of Joupy my seal, patching up Snoopy’s injured head and operating on Snuffy the kitty, to remove his inflamed appendix.


As a student I explored the human body inside and out to find cures for diseases. I studied Biomedical Sciences at the Medical university of Leiden in The Netherlands.


As an adult I helped patients turn into people again. I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 17 years, for Abbott Laboratories, now known as Abbvie, a large American corporate company, in positions ranging from Product Manager to Business Unit Manager to Innovation Manager. In the latter, I have driven a transformational process to embed an innovative and human centric mindset, process, tools, and ways of working based on Design Thinking.


In 2016 I have spread my wings to fly out of my golden cage and founded The Blue Flamingo. I was trained as a Co-Active coach, an emotional intelligence certified practitioner and I have recently obtained my Certificate In Applied Positive Psychology.


As a bubbly, kind and fierce emotional intelligence 

professional trainer, coach and facilitator,

I help people connect deeply with themselves, and others.


We live in an era where we can be certain that uncertainties will surface, where (organisational) change is the new constant, where egocentricity, polarisation and judgment threaten our workplaces, our society and our planet. And yet there is hope! 

I believe the world would be a better place if people would put in the hard work to develop their emotional intelligence, often called 'soft', skills. 

Emotional Intelligence is about how you interact with YOURSELF and OTHERS. 

It starts with YOU, with self-empathy.

Imagine getting to know yourself, uncovering your true authentic self, discovering your strengths, embracing your values, your purpose, being your own best friend forever.

You would be living a fulfilled life, loving yourself unconditionally, knowing that you are enough, giving yourself the same level of empathy, compassion and kindness as you give others. You are becoming the empowered wise loving soul that resides deep inside of you.


From their onwards, you can start putting on the oxygen mask to OTHERS!

Developing your emotional intelligence skills in connection with others is all about Empathy.

Listening deeply, asking insightful questions, providing a safe space for people to empower them to be their own authentic selves, to be at their best, to be inspired and inspiring. I believe that is the kind of leadership we need now and in the future. Both professionally (everyone is a leader!) and personally.


I love this quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry from the book “Le Petit Prince” published in 1943:

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;

what is essential is invisible to the eye.”