Marjolein van Eersel

As a freelance facilitator, trainer and EQi* certified practitioner

I focus on developing

Emotional Intelligence  &  Design Thinking 

leadership skills in the workplace.


* EQi means Emotional Intelligence Quotient Inventory, which is an emotional intelligence self- and 360-assessment. 

Why The Blue Flamingo?


Did you know that flamingo’s feathers are pink because the algae, mollusks, crustaceans they eat contain carotene? The right nutrition seems to be essential for these beautiful animals to be at their best. 

I nurture people, teams and organisations

to become more deeply connected  

towards themselves, colleagues and clients alike.

The workshops and trainings I deliver are:

  • filled with positive, caring and creative energy 
  • experiental, engaging and highly interactive
  • designed for you to address the specific needs you, your team and organisation have

Why The Blue Flamingo?


Blue represents Blue Sky Thinking.

I believe the world will be a better place if we take a hopeful, positive approach that allows possibilities to emerge.

Blue Sky Thinking enables people, managers and leaders to embrace other people's strengths (rather than focussing on their weakness), to build strong interpersonal relationships based on trust and compassion and to work collaboratively towards a shared purpose. All of which form the essence of emotional Intelligence.

In addition, a positive Blue Sky Thinking mindset, where the sky is the limit, will allow new creative and innovative ideas to emerge (Yes-And mindset).


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